It’s not uncommon to hear about a friend or family member’s latest remodeling project taking way longer than they anticipated. And with the increased timeline often comes additional expenses and a good deal of havoc to their daily life.

While no plan is foolproof, there are some clear steps you can take to help your remodel say on schedule.

Have All Your Materials Ready Before You Begin

Whether it’s a DIY project or you’ve hired a contractor, constantly running to the store takes a substantial amount of time. To keep the project moving forward as efficiently as possible, you want to order the necessary materials and have them on site before the project begins.

Don’t Change Plans Mid-Remodel

This is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make if you want your project to finish on time and within budget. Any changes to your plan will cost you time and money. As much as possible, still to your original plan.

Clear Your Space Before You Begin

Trying to remodel around precious heirlooms and prized possessions is just setting everyone up for a disaster. Completely clear the space you plan to remodel. And as much as possible, clear the path to get to that space — whether it be from the front door of the back door.

Know Where Things Are

During your bathroom remodel, you’ll likely need to turn off the water and the electricity. This means you need to know where the water shut off is and where the breaker box is.

Don’t Move Your Plumbing

When you decide to relocate key fixtures like your tub, toilet or sink, you’re suddenly looking at updating your plumbing. This means tearing into walls and floors — a project which can take substantially more time. If you want your update to be finished as quickly as possible, leave the plumbing where it is.

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