You want your kid not to hate using the bathroom. And, you want them to be able to use the bathroom independently — when they’re ready to do so. Not only is this incredibly freeing for you, it’s a really important step in their development.

But, when it comes to upgrading your bathroom to make it more kid-friendly, you want to remember that they are going to keep growing. What they may love now is likely to change. And, child-sized features aren’t something they are going to appreciate as they grow.

So unless you’re ready to do multiple bathroom remodels as your child grows and changes, make sure to consider kid-friendly bathroom updates that will be able to grow with your kid. The following are easy ways to make the bathroom a space they’ll enjoy now and down the road.

Add a Sturdy Stool

Rather than lower the counters to meet your kid, bring your kid up to meet the counters with a sturdy stool. Once they grow, they’ll be able to ditch the stool and simply use the sink and enjoy its adult-size height.

Give Them Storage

Want your kid to learn how to be organized and clean? Give them the tools to do so by providing plenty of storage in your bathroom. You might even consider using removable labels to indicate where items go. This can help remind and reinforce where to put items, to help your child build good habits. If you have more than one child sharing a bathroom, labels are another good way to help your kids maintain clear boundaries and avoid unneeded arguments.

Fun Paint

Hands down, one of the easiest and most affordable things to update in any room is the paint. Use that to your advantage! Invite your kid to help pick the paint color. You can then select fun accent pieces to compliment it — allowing them to personalize their space.

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