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Decided last minute to skip the trip downtown and host your own New Year’s Eve shindig? Have no fear! You can still pull off one heck of a party on short notice. From what to clean (the bathroom duh!) to what to make, these tips and tricks will get you ready to receive guests quickly! 

Make Sure People Can Come

The one major downside to the last second party is friends and family may already be committed It is New Year’s after all! So, first thing first. Make sure your friends and family can come. Use the most direct invitation method possible. Think phone calls or text messages. This isn’t the time to send snail mail invites or emails that could get lost in the shuffle of post-Christmas craziness.

Keep the invite personal. Remember if someone (or most someones) have already committed, it’s not a slight to you. And, if it ends up being a party of just a few, hat means less work!

Keep Your Drinks Basic

A New Year’s Eve party typically involves a cocktail (or two). But when you are last minute planning, don’t try and pull off an ultra-deluxe drink selection with homemade infusions and special proportions.

Rather, go with beer and wine. A sparkling prosecco can look festive without requiring tons of effort. Really want to dress up the glass? Try adding a few fresh raspberries. It’s a simple step that offers a big wow.

Shop Smart for Simple Prep

Not everything has to be homemade to be special. Repeat that with us now – you don’t have to make every item on your menu. For instance, you might buy some premade dips, crackers, and sliced vegetables. Arrange the dips in pretty bowls and garnish with a drizzle of olive oil. Put the bowls on a platter, scatter the crackers and veggies around them. It’s an instant crowd pleaser and it takes just minutes to put together.

Speed Clean the Basics

Vacuum the common areas that have carpet. Sweep hardwood floors. Scrub the toilet. Wipe down the sink. Wipe down all countertops. The idea is to get the best bang for your time with this one. Have a few spare minutes? Clean the microwave? A few more? Dust all shelves at eye level.

Have Fun!

Finally, don’t stress about making it perfect. Enjoy yourself.

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