Looking to Save on Your Bathroom Remodel? Don’t Skimp on These!

Getting ready to remodel your bathroom? Want it to be a success you’ll love for years to come, but don’t want to break the bank? We feel you. No one wants to spend money when they don’t have to.

Unfortunately, a significant number of homeowners cut corners in areas that can end up costing them, in both the longevity of their project and their finished result. These are five of the most common areas that are overlooked or scaled back. Before you decide to go cheap or skip updating them all together, make sure to carefully consider the pros and cons.

Accent Tile

In most bathrooms, floor tile isn’t the star. It can easily be a muted color that offers industry over aesthetics. However, an accent tile is intended to grab the eye’s attention. It’s supposed to give your space a pop. And, it can be a cost-effective way to add some intrigue to your bathroom, because you need far less tile for something like a backsplash above your vanity.


Like your great-grandmother’s dining room table, sturdy cabinets are built to last. However, there are a lot of flimsy cabinets on the market. These are prone to break in the best of circumstances. Asking cheap cabinets to withstand the high temps and humidity in the bathroom is just setting yourself up for a disaster.


You don’t need to break the bank with fixtures. That being said, cheap plastic looks cheap. Fixtures are an item you can often buy used, allowing you to get high-quality items without spending a ton of money.

Water Heater

Updating your water heater when you update your bathroom? A good water heater can reduce your monthly electricity bill and make your showers more enjoyable. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Flimsy Showers

Want to replace your shower next year? Buy a flimsy, pre-made shower insert. It’s a good way to ensure you’ll get another bathroom update again soon.

Want a customized seamless shower instead? Talk to a Bath Fitter expert today.

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