On average, you lose 100 hairs a day. Yep. 100.

Did you just pat your head to make sure it’s all there? Don’t worry. We did too.

Before we dive into the nine most common reasons you may be losing more than the average, it’s important to note that there are three different types of hair loss: breaking, thinning and actual loss.

1. You’re Vitamin Deficient

This one is huge. The two most common deficiencies associated with hair loss are B12 and iron. By optimizing your levels and correcting your deficiency you can often correct this hair loss.

2. It’s a Side Effect of a Medication

One of the side effects of some medications (like antidepressants and high blood pressure pills) is hair loss.

3. You’re ALWAYS Wearing Your Hair Up

This places a lot of stress on your hair and can make the strands fall out faster.

4. LOTS of heat

Hot tools, like hairdryers and flat irons, can cause your hair to become damaged and break.

5. You’re Stressed

6. You Just Had a Baby

Don’t worry. This isn’t permanent. While you’re pregnant, you lose substantially less hair. So the excessive hair loss is just making up for lost time. Things will balance back out.

7. You Just Lost a Lot of Weight

This is very common. Losing weight naturally cuts into your fat and vitamin stores, which contributes to hair loss. Like having a baby, the hair will come back as you replenish your vitamins.

8. You Dye Your Hair Too Often

Like hot tools, dying your hair too often can cause it to become dry and brittle.

9. You Rip Through Knots

Knots happen. But simply trying to force a brush through them will cause you to lose more hair. Instead, try a detangler or take your brush into the shower and use conditioner.

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