Hate cleaning the bathroom? Who doesn’t! Luckily, you can make cleaning easier and help it feel like less of an all-day chore with these simple steps. 

Squeegee the Shower After Each Bath

After each shower, squeegee the walls and the shower door (or shower curtain) after each bath. This will help remove the extra moisture as quickly as possible. 

Keep the Air Circulating

One of the best ways to keep moisture levels to a minimum is to keep the air moving. Run the fan while you shower and for at least 30-minutes after your bath. You might also consider opening window to let excess steam escape. Running a dehumidifier in your bathroom is another good way to cut down on moisture. 

Let There be Light

In addition to keeping the air moving, light is another good way to reduce moisture. Even just a small amount of it can help an item dry. By making sure your bathroom is properly lit, you can cut down on the mold. This has the added benefit of promoting bathroom safety, but making the space easier to navigate. 

Show Your Pipes Some Love Monthly

Overtime pipes can become clogged with bath products and fair that cling to the edges and get caught in any twists and turns. In order to keep them clear, pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain followed by ½ cup vinegar. Let the mixture foam and then settle for 5 – 10 minutes to dissolve any gunk. Then pour boiling water down the drain to fully flush it. 

Hang Towels with Plenty of Breathing Room

Towels can become magnets for mold and mildew. Not only do you get them wet drying off, towels are often hung very closely together or worse — not hung up at all. Not only does this cause mold to grow on the towels, it can promote mold growth throughout your bathroom as excess moisture is trapped in the bathroom. 

Flush with the Toilet Lid Closed

As gross as it sounds, the fact remains — when you flush the toilet, it sends a spray of bacteria in the air. If the toilet lid is open, this spray goes far beyond the bowl. In order to limit the spray, always flush with the lid closed. 

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