Green Bathroom

When your bathroom is so small that the shower door and the bathroom door can’t be opened at the same time, there is a good chance you don’t have room for much of a vanity. In fact, your bathroom might be so small you don’t even have any true counter space. That can make this difficult when it comes time to do simple things like shave or put on your make up. 

So if you are looking for a bit more room to spread out your toiletries while you are grooming, we have you covered. The following tips are our go-to solutions for small bathrooms in need of extra room.

Get a Cutting Board

Yep. You read that right. Pop into the kitchen and snag a large cutting board. We are talking one that is big enough to fit over your ENTIRE sink. We may or may not have stolen this idea from a tinny house TV show, but we love it. When not in use, we slide the cutting board under the sink. Talk about fantastic and budget friendly!

Use a Hanging Basket

Okay. We get it. Baskets are not countertops. But, hanging baskets can be suspended to the right and/or left of your sink. This allows you to move everyday items up and off of your limited counter space, while still keeping them within easy reach.

Folding Table

Another simple solution to more countertop space is to bring some in. While you’re probably not going to leave a table in the middle of your bathroom day-in and day-out, having a folding table that you can bust out when needed gives you an easy staging area for things like makeup and hair supplies when you’re getting ready for a big event.

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