When it comes to a big remodel, there are a lot of considerations. This especially true when you are upgrading your bathroom — a project that notoriously falls behind schedule and above budget.

Plus, the likelihood of even a minor error or two happening during a remodel is seriously high — another factor that can drive up the cost of your remodel. But, what if you could limit the mistakes you make to keep your regrets to as few as possible? Often, you can substantially improve your remodeling experience simply by choosing which items to choose or skip. Those it is easy to be excited about the fanciest new feature, the following six items are ‘luxury’ upgrades that you might want to think twice about selecting.

Six Bathroom Upgrades to (Maybe) Skip

1. Name-Brand Hardware

Think you must buy the fancy towel racks and cabinet pulls? Think again! Those designer lines might seem like the most attractive option in the showroom, but once you get your hardware home, it will be a rare lady or gent who can tell the difference between the expensive name-brand selection and the affordable store-brand one.

2. Heated Floors

While there is a lot to be said for heated floors, they can also be an expensive choice. If you are updating your bathroom on a budget, you might want to think twice before selecting them. This is especially true if your floor doesn’t need to be replaced. Because the heating elements are placed beneath your floor, adding this feature will mean re-flooring your bathroom. As a ‘quick fix’ to heated floors, consider buying plush bathmats. These can help keep your toes toasty warm without breaking the bank.

3. Whirlpool Tub

It used to be that whirlpool tubs were all the rage. And the idea of soaking in a big tub with jets at the end of a long day is certainly enticing. The reality is that most whirlpool tubs go unused the vast majority of the time. Rather, they are big and cold clunky elements that take up a substantial amount of your bathroom’s footprint. Furthermore, studies have shown that whirlpool tubs tend to harbor large amounts of bacteria and potential pathogens, which can make using them bad for your health.

4. Expensive Bath Towels

You might appreciate the difference between expensive bath towels and the cheaper options for the first few baths. However, after a few washes, you’re not likely to notice a big difference. And, there are a large selection of affordable options that are still very cozy at stores like HomeGoods and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bonus Tip: Wash with Vinegar

A simple home remedy for soft and absorbent towels is to wash them with a half-cup of vinegar.

5. His & Hers Sinks

If you have the money for his and her sinks, these can definitely be a nice addition. However, the more important than the additional plumping and sink basin is the space. Focus on giving yourself plenty of counter space to you each have your own area. Sharing can sometimes be easier said than done. One thing that makes it easier if having the room to spread out while your partner is brushing their teeth.

6. Full Body Shower Sprays

Full body shower sprays are another feature that is often nice in theory and not so great in practical application. The multiple showerheads require a substantial amount of hot water and water pressure — more than the typical house has. This means you could be ‘upgrading’ your bathroom with a design that you don’t even end up using! Talk about a waste!

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