Even if you’re working from home, getting ready can offer a much-needed daily pick-me-up. There’s nothing like putting on a pair of pants or a fabulous red lipstick to make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. 

But the last thing you want is to have getting ready take forever. The following organization tips can help you streamline your daily routine so it’s more ‘go-time’ fun and less time-consuming stress. 

Get Your Shower Situation on Lock with a Hanging Shower Caddy

Constantly battling a midfield of shower products? Without the proper in-shower storage solutions, it’s common for bathroom products to accumulate on the shower floor. Not only does this make it hard to move around safely, but it can make it hard to find what you need when you need it! A hanging shower caddy helps you get your items off the floor and at eye level, where you can quickly access them as needed!

Take Control of Your Linens with Storage Baskets

Are you scared to open your linen closet because it might all come toppling out? You’re not alone. Linen closets are often one of the most disorganized zones within a bathroom. But you can take back control. Use storage baskets to separate and organize sheets and towels, making it easy to access them as needed. 

Manage Your ‘Do’ with a Fully Stocked Hair Station

Don’t let frizzy or oily hair win. Tame your mane as quickly as possible with easy access to all your supplies. A hair care organizer, like this affordable one on Amazon, allows you to keep all your tools and toiletries in one place. 

Keep it All Together on a Cart

Does it seem like your daily ‘must-haves’ are all over the place. Gather them together in a storage solution that can go where you need it. A storage cart on wheels can roll into position at a moment’s notice. 

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