Organize Your Bathroom Like a Pro

A huge spacious bathroom is all the rage in movies and daydreams. In practical terms, that big spacious bathroom just means more to clean. Doing a massive remodel so that you have a bigger footprint might seem like fun, but what if you could achieve more space without knocking out a wall?

The good news is, you often can. With a few tips, you can organize your space like a pro.

Capitalize on Your Wall Height

Whether it’s a rent payment or a mortgage payment, you’re typically paying for the ground under your feet. However, the space over your head is yours too! The first thing to do whenever you’re trying to maximize space is to capitalize on the height of your walls by storing up. And don’t just stop at the space you can reach. Go ahead, use a step ladder and install shelves high along the wall so you can store all the way to the ceiling.

Conceal Your Storage Whenever Possible

One of the problems with a small space is that storage can start to look cluttered – especially in the bathroom. Whenever possible, try and store items inside of cabinets or behind doors. This keeps your space from looking overly cluttered.

Let Go of Things that Don’t Serve a Function

It’s easy to collect a lot of knick-knacks – through gifts and while you’re on your travels. While these things can sometimes be a great reminder of past experiences, they take up a lot of unnecessary space. As much as possible, hold onto only those items that serve a function. For that matter, try and buy keepsakes that serve a function. One take-home item you’ll use and enjoy is much better than 20 that cost the same amount but just collect dust in the corner.

Get more organizational tips to keep your space clean.


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