Wish you had an organized bathroom? Not sure how to maximize your space and make that happen? The following tips can help you keep your bathroom in tip-top shape. 

Oversized Baskets

Have you already filled up your cabinets and closets? Try placing an oversized basket in a corner. It can become an instant catchall for extras like extra towels.


Plants may not seem like a way to ‘organize’ your bathroom. But here’s the deal. Plants naturally freshen your air, which is good for your health. They bring literal life into a space, which is also good for your health. And, they can be hung from the ceiling, meaning they don’t have to take up any floor, shelf or cabinet space. Seriously, in the land of organization, plants are key.

Repurpose a Coat Rack

Need more places to hand towels? Use an old coat rack. Place it in the corner and you’ll instantly have extra towel storage. If you’re worried about losing the space below the towel rack, consider this a good spot to place your oversized baskets.

Industrial Cart

An industrial cart makes a great bar cart for everything from cocktails to craft supplies. Roll it into the bathroom, and it’s suddenly a landing place for all your beauty toiletries.


Have an old wooden laddering laying around? Probably not. But you can likely find one at Goodwill or another such secondhand store. Give it a good scrub and maybe a fresh coat of paint and then lean it against a wall. The rungs will instantly become extra shelving. And, it won’t require placing large holes in the walls. This means if you want to remove it, it can be taken out easily.

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