Tile can offer a classic, timeless look that stands the test of time. This especially true if you’ve selected a simple design with neutral colors.

But what happens your bathroom tile is an intricate design and/or uses unique, popular colors? In instances such as this, the tile can quickly look dated. Fashions change quickly. Tile has a tendency to hang around for decades. (Pun intended.)

This is because tile is so expensive and time intensive to install. Simply replacing it to keep up with the latest trends is not very practical. If you’ve recently acquired a bathroom with dated tile or you selected a design some years back and want an update, what can you do?

You could remove the tile. However, this is a messy process that requires quite a bit of work. You’ll need to break and scrape and possibly sweat quite a bit to get it off.

Alternatively, you could paint your tile. In her blog post on Bob Vila, ‘6 Things to Know Before Painting Bathroom Tile’, Manasa Reddigari explains that this can be an easy and affordable solution for some homeowners. However, she cautions there are a few things to keep in mind before busting out your paint brushes. These include:

  • Beware the Glazed Quarry Tile. This surface doesn’t bond well with paint, meaning it is best left alone or removed.
  • Most Popular Tiles Can Be Painted. These include ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, which can look lovely, but sometimes become stained.
  • Countertops, Tub Surrounds and Showers Aren’t Practical. These tile surfaces are practical for paint because of the heavy wear and tear they endure. The paint has a likelihood to fail, peel, blister, and fade under heavy use and exposure to water.
  • Latex or Epoxy Paint is Best. Don’t just pick up any old can of paint and have at it. It’s crucial to select a paint that’s right for the material.

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