Fourth of July is just around the corner. Are you planning an at-home shindig? Chances are you’ve thought about what food and drinks you want to serve. But have you considered how to prep your home for maximum fun? Use the following tips to make sure you’re prepared to celebrate without any interruptions.

Beat the Bugs

No one likes mosquitos or other stinging insects. Rather than letting some pesky pests banish you and your guests indoors, beat the bugs! Fend off your pests by placing lit citronella candles throughout your patio. Make sure they are placed on sturdy surfaces and have enough space to burn safely without being knocked into. The scent will help keep unwanted critters at bay. Additionally, you might consider placing mosquito and bug repellant in the bathroom for guests to apply as desired.

Make Sure You Have Outdoor Games

Now that you’ve conquered the issue of bugs, make sure your patio is loaded with fun things to do. Badminton and whiffle ball are fabulous backyard games. Cornhole is another good one that those of all ages can play. You might also consider hosting a water balloon toss.

Stock Up on Toilet Paper

The last thing you want at any party is to spend half your life restocking the toilet paper — especially if someone’s actively using the toilet. So make sure you stock up on toilet paper before the party and stash it in an easily accessible location in your bathroom — preferably one that can be reached while sitting on the toilet.

Have a First-Aid Kit Ready

We never want to think about things going wrong. But whether it’s games or fireworks, things can happen and people can get injured. Make sure you’re prepared to handle the unforeseen by having a first-aid kit ready.

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