Have you Netflixed all of Netflix? Are you so tired of seeing cat memes you want to scream? You’re not alone. With much of the country in their second lockdown, boredom is setting in with a force that’s taking folks by the slippers.

But staying home doesn’t have to be a prison sentence. Use the following ideas to get your creative juices following and cross a few things off your to-do list. Heck, just think how good it will feel to be productive (without having to change out of your PJs)!

Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Shopping

There’s nothing like digital window shopping to make the time fly by. This season, challenge yourself by shopping local. Use Google’s local search feature to find retailers close to you. Peruse their site online and then call to arrange for contact-free pickup.

Set Some Personal Goals

Have some time to yourself? Dedicate it to yourself. Spend some time thinking about you. What do you want to accomplish? Set some goals for yourself — both big and small.

Learn a New Language

There are a variety of online resources, audiobooks and video tutorials that can help you learn a new language. Now is your time!

Refine Your Nail Painting Skills

Always wanted to have ‘great nails’? Now you can practice without worrying about who at the office is giving your smudged hands a sideways glance.


Suddenly wishing your home had more space. Pick one room to focus on first. Take a picture. If you need to, take several to capture the entire room. Then spend the day decluttering. Toss everything you no longer use, that’s broken or expired. After you’ve moved all the to-go stuff out and reorganized, take an after photo. You’ll be amazed at how much space you actually have.