Though it’s not the most glamorous topic, bathroom storage is a constant concern. Folks never seem to have enough of it. Whether you have a new bathroom or it has been well-used, having space to store your stuff is essential. After all, no one wants a pile of linens and toiletries in the corner.

But, what if your bathroom storage could also bring some elegance and beauty to your bathroom? Wouldn’t that be lovely? We think so too!

The good news is, we can ‘steal’ a trend that’s taken the kitchen by storm and put it to use in the bathroom. What are we talking about?

The minimalistic look of open shelving! Open shelves allow you to add storage, while also maximizing the visual square footage of your space.

Worried about keeping those shelves organized? Add some baskets. This can help corral lose items so that your bathroom stays organized and clutter-free.

Other Things to Know About Open Shelves

  • They aren’t one-size-fits-all. They come in a variety of lengths, so you can find ones that fit your space.
  • You can install as many as you want. And, you can install them in as many places as you’d like. You may want just one over the sink. But along an accent wall you may have room for two or three stacked.
  • They come in a wide variety of colors. Obviously you can get one that is plain white. But you can all get them in any color you want, paint them to match your walls or buy wood ones you can stain to bring in a natural look.
  • Looking for some sneaky, hidden storage? Consider installing one right over the doorway. Hardly anyone will even notice it’s there and you’ll be able to take advantage of space that almost always goes unused!

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