Remodeling Your Empty Nest

The kids have left. You finally have the house to yourself. Now what?

While you could finally walk around in your birthday suit and host fabulous parties, you may find that treating yourself to the home upgrades you’ve always wanted delivers a longer-lasting sense of enjoyment.

The following updates are some of the best for empty nesters:

Turn Their Room into Your Man Cave (or Women Cave)

Sure, for a bit of time you may want to leave their room as is. But eventually, that’s just a lot of unused space. Put it to use, by transforming it into your own personal haven. Paint the walls. Hang artwork you love. Bring in a comfy sofa. Maybe add a new TV. The idea is to give this space new life and make it truly feel like your own.

Refinish the Hardwood Floors

Did your kids destroy the hardwood floor learning to walk in high heels and dragging sports equipment through the kitchen? Now’s the time to refinish them. You’ll be surprised how beautiful your space can truly look when the scuffs and scratches are gone.

Luxurious Bathroom Renovation You’ll be able to Use for Years to Come

When your kids go off the college it means a couple things. First, you have a new sense of freedom. Second, it means you too have gotten a little older. And, Father Time doesn’t just stop because your children leave. It keeps ticking.

Give yourself the luxurious spa you’ve always wanted. And, make sure it’s a space you can keep enjoying even as your mobility fades. You’ll want to focus on flooring that has plenty of texture. Grab bars in the shower are a really important addition. You may also want to consider a barrier-free shower, which makes it easy to walk right in without anything over which to step.

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