When it comes to holiday décor, there is no wrong answer. Decorating is an entirely personal choice. And, it’s a personal choice we fully support. Because who doesn’t love a good Christmas tree?

But when it comes to the more personal rooms of the house, the question is often — should I really decorate in here? And the answer is: if you want to. Especially in 2020, if decorating brings you joy, do it. After all, only your family and the cat are likely to see your bathroom this year.

6 Ideas to Bring the Holly to the Potty

Bring the holiday spirit to your bathroom this Christmas with these festive additions.


Try hanging them from the back of your bathroom door. If you don’t have a hook, you can use temporary hooks that match your bathroom’s hardware.


Add a festive garland to your mirror. Try draping it over the edges. Or use small contact strips to hand it from the wall so you can take it down without leaving a mark.

Small Trees

While you most likely don’t want to bring in an actual small tree, a few small fake trees can be placed on the counter to create a mini winter wonderland.

Red Towles

You don’t have to go crazy. Simply swap your everyday towels for a red set. Plus, because you’ll only be using them during the holidays, they’ll last substantially longer than normal bathroom linens!

Mini Wreaths

Garland’s not your thing? How about a few wreaths? Buy lightweight ones and you can easily hang them from a mirror with a suction cup hook or from a wall with a command strip hook.

Candy Canes

Simple and affordable. You can arrange a handful of wrapped candy canes in a small vase or cup. They’ll instantly add a splash of holiday color and cheer to your space.