While you are probably not planning to bake a cake in the bathroom, you might want to keep a can of your favorite non-stick cooking spray under the sink. It turns out, non-stick cooking spray can come in handy.

As Caroline Biggs explains in her recent Apartment Therapy post, non-stick cooking spray also, “has some pretty stellar uses outside the kitchen.” The following two items were among our favorite ways Biggs suggests using the simple spray are:

Dry your nail polish (almost) instantly.

While it may seem odd, the spray can help set freshly painted nails in a manner of minutes. We tried it out and it definitely cuts down on dry time!

Silence your squeaky bathroom door

Hate that your bathroom door squeaks? Not sure you really want to use WD-40? (What’s really in WD-40 anyway?) Cooking spray may just become your favorite solution. Adding a tiny bit of spray directly to the hinge can help eliminate those annoying noises so that you can close your door with ease.

3 Additional Kitchen Items Great for Cleaning the Bathroom

Baking Soda

From clearing clogged drain to getting rid of soap scum, baking soda is one of the kitchen workhorses that also comes in handy in the bathroom.


Lemons are one of Mother Nature’s miracle fruits. Not only do they smell great, but they are a rock star when it comes to cleaning. They can also be used to help get rid of dandruff and give your hair that sun-kissed touch of blond.


Vinegar is another go-to for cooking and cleaning. That’s right. Vinegar’s not just for making salad dressing. Add a bit of it to water and soak your showerhead. It will be descaled by morning. You can also use it to help clean mold from grout and clear a clogged sink.
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