Should Your Mudroom Have a Shower?

dirty dog

A smartly designed mudroom can help your mornings run smoothly, your evenings end on a stress-free note, and your home stay significantly cleaner. Why? Because a mudroom acts as a buffer zone for your home between muddy dogs, boots and small children. 

Does this mean your mudroom should have a shower? We think so. Because while any mudroom is better than no mudroom, the best mudrooms have a shower. Think of it as your dirt catchall. As the chaos of muddy dogs, dirty sports equipment, and chlorine-soaked bathing suits can’t always be avoided, a mudroom can keep it from marring your nice carpet and polished hardwood floor.

While you and your family can definitely strip down to your birthday suit and make a mad dash to your main shower, this might not be preferable. A mudroom shower allows you, your visitors, and your pets to get clean before they even enter the house.

Another perk of a mudroom shower is that it’s one more place to bathe. If you are hosting a party or overnight guests, the extra flexibility can be a huge help.

To make sure your mudroom shower doesn’t become a headache, you want it to be durable and easy to clean. This isn’t the time for a tiled shower or large soaking tub. Rather, go for a seamless shower that keeps mold to a minimum and is guaranteed to last for years.

Our custom-made shower inserts allow you to have a shower made that fits your space perfectly. Plus, we can help you outfit it with extra shelves to easily create more storage.

Another consideration for your mudroom shower is the showerhead. We are quite partial to a handheld showerhead. It gives you the ultimate in flexibility when you are trying to wash squirmy housemates, like small children and pets.

Learn more about how or seamless showers are designed and installed.

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