Can you shower with your baby? Should you? Showering with your baby can be an incredible way to quickly and easily clean them, while also introducing them to water in a different way. 

One of the keys to showering safely with your baby is making sure the umbilical cord has fallen off. This is essential to hygiene. 

Assuming it has, then you want to think about the temperature. Like a traditional bath, you want the water for your baby to be between 90 and 100 degrees. Baby skin is ultra-sensitive and susceptible to burning, which is why keeping this temperature low is critical. 

The best way to test the temperature is to hold a bath thermometer under the stream. You can also test it by letting it hit the back of your wrist or elbow where the skin is the thinnest. 

As you introduce your baby to the water, use your body to shield his or her face from the spray. You’ll then gradually move them into the water so they can get used to it on their face. 

Until your baby is able to walk confidently, they can shower without being held. Until then, you’ll need to hold them the entire time. This means making sure you also have a safe place to put them outside of the shower, like a secure seat. 

As your child moves into the shower, make sure the floor is safe for them, by placing a slip-free mat. This can help give their wobbly legs a bit more stability. Finally, never leave your baby unattended in the shower. While there’s typically not as much standing water as in a tub, it only takes a small amount for a baby to be unable to breathe. 

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