Some chores go unnoticed — like your messy closet, which stays hidden behind closed doors. However, there are others that can quickly spiral into a much bigger and more visible mess if left undone.

And the mess can make everyday life feel more hectic. Living in a mess requires your brain to work on overdrive, even if only subconsciously, as you process all the additional stuff that’s around. Plus, should you decide to entertain, it’s suddenly a herculean effort to get your house ‘guest ready.’

Luckily, if you can adopt some simple habits, you can keep your home in relatively good shape, cutting down on the clean-time that you’ll face when it’s ready to tidy up or deep clean.

Fold Clothes When the Dryer Beeps

Are you a champion of getting your dirty clothes in the washing machine? That’s fabulous! You’re halfway there. But do those baskets of clean clothes will just keep taunting you during your Game of Thrones re-runs?

Folding clothes right out of the dryer is not only a warm and cozy option, it cuts down on wrinkles — meaning your folding session doesn’t also turn into a massive ironing session. Or force you to wear wrinkled clothes. Or avoid said wrinkled clothes.

Plan on taking a break when the dryer beeps to fold and put away the load. One load only takes a few minutes, meaning it’s a manageable task to get done quickly so you can avoid a monumental obstacle later.

A great way to manage laundry while working your 9-5 gig is to set your washer on a delayed start. This will let you be home to switch the clothes to the dryer when and also be awake when the dryer finishes.

Put Shoes Away When You Take Them Off

Whether you wear shoes in your house or not, you don’t wear shoes all day, every day. But when you kick off those ‘glass slippers’ they can quickly turn into a minefield in your foyer, bathroom, bedroom, and hallway. Picking them up suddenly becomes a chore you didn’t even know you needed to tackle.

Instead, start putting your shoes away as soon as you take them off. This shoe policy can help keep your home clean and only takes a few seconds. Talk about a fabulous tradeoff!

Wash Your Dirty Dishes Right Away

What takes less time — putting away a few dirty dishes or cleaning an overflowing sink of pots and pans? The answer is a no-brainer — a few dirty dishes. What’s even better is that washing a few dirty dishes right away is substantially easier than washing them after they sat and the food has been allowed to dry and stick to the surface.

Rather than spend extra time scrubbing dried-on food and feeling like you got a mini-workout in front of the sink, wash dishes as they come. Not only will this let you clean faster, it’ll keep you from facing a mound of work just to prep for dinner.

Wipe Your Counters and Tables

Sticky spots on your counter and tables can quickly lead to sticky spots throughout your home. Whenever you set something on said sticky spot, it’s easy for that mess to get transferred and moved throughout your house. This can be avoided by wiping down spills and messes as quickly as they happen. Like dirty dishes, it’s easiest to clean them when they are fresh. And, this helps you avoid accumulating bacteria on your counters that can contaminate your food.

Rinse the Sink Thoroughly

Does it feel like every time you clean the bathroom your scrubbing a healthy layer of toothpaste scum from your sink? This is because it’s easy for toothpaste to accumulate around the sink basin. The nature of the thick paste makes it quickly build up. Luckily, you can substantially eliminate this yucky film by thoroughly rinsing the sink each time you brush your teeth.

Squeegee the Shower Post-Bath

Hate how mold, mildew and soap scum seem to accumulate overnight in your shower? Don’t let them! By squeegeeing your shower after each bath, you can cut down on the amount of moisture that hangs around in your shower — reducing the mold and mildew. This, in turn, reduces the frequency with which you need to clean your bath!

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