As the Pacific Northwest’s spring brings with it sunny days, you’re likely wishing you could automatically have that beautiful summer glow. Luckily, you can. And, you can get it without damaging your skin by exposing it to harmful tanning beds.

Self-tanning allows you to quickly and easily give your skin the color you want.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind About Self-Tanning

  • Only apply in a well-ventilated room. This will help you avoid inhaling self-tanner. You’ll also want to cover your nose and mouth while you’re tanning, another good precaution against inhaling self-tanner.
  • Exfoliate thoroughly before you apply. This will help you avoid an uneven application. A good way to exfoliate is with a sugar scrub on your entire body, followed by shaving any areas you normally would shave.
  • Don’t apply moisturizer before using self-tanner. Moisturizer will act as a barrier between the tanner and your skin, causing your self-tanner to be unpredictable in its application.
  • Always read the packaging before you apply the tanner. Not all tanners are alike. Some recommend waiting a few minutes and some a whole hour or more before bathing. You want to make sure you read the instructions fully, so you can follow the appropriate recommendations for the best finish possible.

3 Fabulous Self-Tanners

Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse

A nearly foolproof formula, the Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse is a fabulous overall tanner that delivers a splotch-free finish. Plus, it offers a light, grapefruit scent, making it more enjoyable to the nose than some other options.

Coola Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist

A great option for fair skin, Coola Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. The only potential hiccup is that the mist can be difficult to control, meaning you’ll want to start slow.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water

A clear self-tanner, you’ll appreciate the mess-free application process. And the fact that Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water claims your sheets and towels won’t be ruined from self-tanner wearing off.


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