The bathroom isn’t just where you put on your makeup. It’s the space where you clean up. Which means it is also a space that can quickly become one of the most cluttered — which can lead to it being hard to clean and difficult to maneuver throughout.

Luckily, with some creativity, you can add storage to your bathroom — no matter the size. 

Move Your Bar Cart

Has your bar cart been your secret to organizing your wine and cocktail mixers? It can offer the same benefits in the bathroom – giving you tiered storage that not only corrals items, but allows you to move them as needed. Use it to hold everything from towels and extra toilet paper to toiletries and grooming tools.

Lean a Ladder Against the Wall

Want to add storage that also doubles as décor? Add a storage ladder to your bathroom. The elegant ladder leans against the wall, giving you multiple shelves on which to store items. To make these shelves as functional as possible, consider outfitting them with small baskets to help you keep track of little items.

Put Drawers Under the Sink

The area under the sink can often be big, but without a way to organize that space, it turns into a big black hole. Placing drawers under the sink allows you to take advantage of this space – maximizing your storage capacity. Look for drawers that aren’t overly deep, as this will allow you to hold lots of little items without them turning into clutter.

Put Hooks on Your Cabinets to Hold Hair Tools

Feel like your flat iron, hair dryer, and curling iron are constantly one big jumble of chords? Or do you find that you forget to turn off your flat iron and it’s left on all day? Solve these problems by giving all your hair tools a dedicated home. Hang hooks on the inside of your cabinet. After each use, return the tools to their designated hook.

Make Toilet Paper Storage Functional

One of the worst feelings in the world is discovering you need toilet paper and it’s nowhere near the toilet. Worse still is when Uncle Larry makes this same discovery and it’s your job to help him recover said toilet paper. Don’t let this happens to you. Instead, use a stand-up toilet paper holder to store extra rolls of toilet paper beside your toilet. Alternatively, you may want to place a basket on the back of the toilet to hold extra rolls. The key is to just make sure they are close and easy to access.

Add a Second Rod to the Shower

Tired of constantly stepping or avoiding toiletries in the shower? Stop. Give yourself somewhere to store them. Hang a second shower rod on the opposite side of the shower. Then use S-hooks to held small shower caddies and loofahs so that you won’t have to worry about items underfoot.

Spin Your Makeup

Does it seem like you’re constantly digging through piles of cosmetics to find your blush and eyeshadow? Stop! Use a tiered organizer that spins so you can quickly complete your beauty routine and get on with the business of living. Plus, a vertical storage container allows you to limit the counter space you’re consuming. This is ideal if you have a small bathroom and/or share the space with someone else.

Narrow Rolling Shelf

A narrow rolling shelf can slip between the toilet and the side of the wall, allowing you to take advantage of a few extra square feet of space that almost always goes unused. The best part is, these small shelves rarely change the look of your bathroom, which means they don’t add visual weight to your bathroom.

Mount a Magnetic Strip

Magnetic strips can be a lifesaver. They instantly give you a landing place for metal objects like tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins — the small little things that often turn into clutter, lost to the black hole of your cabinet.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are another great way to take advantage of the space under your sink, as they allow you to see the entire contents of the sink with a simple twist. Use a large one to hold your cleaning supplies, to make a quick spot clean easier than ever!

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