Do you dream of an expensive, luxurious bathroom, but don’t want to incur the cost? It’s possible to give your bathroom an elegant upgrade without breaking the bank.

Using paint, accessories, and light, you can rethink how your bathroom is currently designed and give it a stunning upgrade.

Lean into the Elegant Simplicity of White

High-end hotel bathrooms embrace the power of simplicity, leaning into the clean and simple colors look white delivers. White bath linens. White cabinets. White countertops. It all creates a backdrop for a space that doesn’t intrude on you mentally.

You can mix it up by using different textures. And if you really want to add a focal point, a single splash of color can have a dramatic impact on such a clean palette.

Use the Soothing Shades of Gray

Wood tones and white have long dominated the design stage, but the soothing tones of grey have now brought about a new calm and soothing choice. Easy to match, grey offers a neutral palette that’s not as austere as all white.

Make Nature the Star

Expensive bathrooms typically incorporate nature in their design. You can do the same! If you have windows, consider a window treatment that lets in more natural light. Incorporate plants where you can or add artwork depicting plants.

Decorate Up

Tall ceilings are a signature of expensive spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have tall ceilings, consider adding a piece that will draw the eye upward, like a chandelier. If you don’t have tall ceilings, look for ways to make your space appear taller, like the addition of vertical lines.

Bring the Heat

Candlelight is common in spas. It offers a natural and soothing glow that invites relaxation (and the occasional va va voom moment). Adding candles to your bathroom is a quick and easy way to make your space seem like a spa retreat.

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