You don’t have to have tons of space in order to have great bathroom style and function. The following tips and tricks will help you maximize your space. Use as many as you see fit. 

Add a Towel Rod Behind the Toilet

No matter how short on space you may be, no one wants to dry off with a wet towel! Make sure you have a place to hang yours up. Placing a towel rod behind the toilet allows you to capitalize on this vertical space that typically goes unused.

Make Art Functional

Want your bathroom to have plenty of function and still have a bit of your own personality? Make your art functional. Repurpose an old medicine cabinet. Attach an image you like to the front and hang it as you would a picture of the ultimate artsy two-for-one.

Store Up

The space overhead is still yours. It doesn’t have to go unused. You can add shelves near your ceiling. This will give you additional storage capacity without taking up precious floor space.

Word to the Wise: Remember the bathroom is humid. Heat, and therefore steam, rise. Depending on what you’re storing up high, it may be best to place it in a plastic container to protect it from the moisture.

Wall to Wall Vanity

Is your vanity perfectly framed by two inches of air on either side? Take advantage of that wasted space! Those inches are yours. Extend your vanity so it takes up the entire space.

Use Hooks

Clutter on the floor is one of the biggest follies of a small bathroom. Add hooks to your walls to give yourself easy storage space.

Curved Curtain Rod

Curved curtain rods give a few extra inches of elbow room in the shower. If you don’t like how they take up space outside of the shower, simply slide the shower curtain to one side while you’re not bathing.

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