You know how there are those people who seem to ‘have it all together’? These are the women and men who always leave on time. They never lose their keys. And their bathrooms are always neatly organized?

They aren’t wizards, as much as you may believe them to be. They’ve simply developed some key habits — habits which you too could put into place. Use the following tips to learn how to better organize your life and maximize your time.

You can thank us later.

Automate Whatever You Can

Everyone has a capacity for how much they can remember. While this threshold is undoubtedly bigger for some folks than others, everyone has a threshold.

When possible, automate tasks to free up that headspace for other things. These tasks could include:

  • Automate Your Bill Pay
  • Schedule Calendar Alerts for Key Events
  • Put Recurring Appointments in Your Schedule Yearly

Use the Power of To-Do Lists

Pick a place to write down your to-do list. This could be a notepad you carry with you on in your phone. Then add all the little things that come up and cross them off as you do them.

This can help you keep track of everything from groceries to picking the kids up from soccer practice.

Remover Distractions

Like toys scattered on the floor, your brain can mentally trip over distractions like a project not quite finished or a hairdryer that hasn’t been stored. Keep your mind on task by putting things away as you go. Out of sight, out of mind, lets you focus on, and tackle, the immediate task as quickly as possible.

Prioritize (and don’t expect perfection!)

No one can do everything. Pick the things that are the most important to get done and tackle those first. No one is perfectly put together, even if they seem as such. Take some time to tackle the things that matter most to you and then cut yourself some slack if things aren’t perfect.

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