Spring cleaning. Did you just groan a little? You’re not alone. For most of us, any cleaning is a reason to cringe. Luckily, spring cleaning the bathroom is often one of the easiest and quickest parts of this seasonal undertaking.

Dust First

It’s always a good idea to clean from the top down. This way you limit the chances of needing to re-clean sections. While you probably don’t dust your bathroom all that often, the surfaces can definitely accumulate a layer of dirt over time. You want to start by dusting the top of any wall-mounted cabinets and light fixtures. Then move on to any shelves hooks, and wall-mounted rods.

Apply Cleaner to the Toilet & Shower

One of the tricks to cleaning the bathroom quickly, is to let your cleaners work while you do another task. Add cleaner to your toilet bowl and close the lid. Let the cleaner start to break down the grossness while you move on.

You’ll also want to apply cleaner to the shower to allow it to start working it’s magic.

Clean the Mirror (or Mirrors)

Remember we talked about working our way down. Take the time to spray and wipe down each mirror in the bathroom. This is one of those tasks that often gets overlooked, but can drastically add brightness to your space.

Thoroughly Clean the Outside of Your Toilet

While the toilet bowl likely gets cleaned on a regular basis, the outside has a tendency to be overlooked. Take the time to thoroughly clean it, paying attention to the back of the base.

Wipe Down Counters & Sink

Remove everything from your counters and wipe them down. Scrub your sink, making sure to remove all soap scum. Once the surfaces are clear of any visible dirt, be sure to spray them with disinfectant — paying careful attention to the sink handles.

Rinse the Shower

Now that the cleaner’s had its time to work, rinse the walls and floor clean.

Scrub the Toilet Bowl

Following the shower, scrub the toilet bowl, removing all dirt and grime from the inside.

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