In terms of home design, ‘Zen’ refers to a way of life focused on minimalism and internal wellbeing.

In more practical terms, like the design of your bathroom, a ‘Zen’ design is intended to clear the clutter and give you a space where positive energy flows through you.

This kind of design uses natural materials and holistic light to help you stay centered and focused. Even small adjustments to your current décor and setup can help you subconsciously improve your daily mood and overall health — especially in a space you use frequently (like the bathroom).

You can use some (or all) of the following insights to bring some ‘Zen’ to your bathroom and throughout your home.

Focus on Creating an Open Flow

The primary principle of ‘Zen’ design is to allow energy to flow freely. This translates into open, air spaces where the line of sight is not interrupted. While it’s unlikely you’re going to start knocking down walls, you can avoid creating unnecessary barriers. This means not mounting large wall sconces that stick out from the wall or bulky doorways that take up more space than is necessary.

Keep the Colors Light and Natural

Ark colors are visually weighty. Not only do they make a space look smaller, they ask the mind to work harder to process what’s around it. White walls (or light-colored walls) are visually lighter. They provide less visual stimuli (aka weight) that the mind has to deal with.

That being said, you don’t want to jump from black to pure white. This can also be jarring. Instead, you want to stick to light, natural colors that help balance and focus the ind.

Banish Clutter

This is perhaps the easiest (and most difficult) way to bring ‘Zen’ to a room. Why? Because clutter not only clutters a space, it clutters the mind by giving it even more to process.