There’s nothing quite so pleasing to the organization lovers out there as a bathroom filled with uniform, matching containers. And one way to create this aesthetically pleasing look is by decanting your products. Just think, wouldn’t your bathroom look more put together if everything looked the same?

And as an added benefit, decanting products means everything has a clearly defined home. You immediately know what something is and where it’s supposed to live.

The only problem with this fun trend is that glass and acrylic containers are the typical go-to solution. Why is this an issue?

Because clear bottles aren’t ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and skincare products. Exposure to light can affect the quality of the product, changing the chemical makeup of the product. Typically, products are sold in the kind of container in which they should live. In fact, a lot of research often goes into designing and/or selecting the appropriate vessel. So when you decant your favorite lotion, you’re effectively pouring some of your money out too.

What if you really want to decant your goods into matching containers? Opt for something that doesn’t allow light to penetrate. The rule is: the less transparent the better.

If you really want to use glass bottles, amber glass is the only type that protects against visible light and UV rays.

What about something that came in a clear bottle? In cases such as this, it will likely do little to no harm to decant it into a clear bottle.

So while your bathroom might not look as neat and organized as your favorite Instagram influencers, take solace in the fact that your products are lasting longer and working the way they are supposed to. And that is a clear win!

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