Couple sharing the bathroom sink.

Michael Caine once said, “The secret to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms.”

Sorry Michael, but we think you’re wrong. The secret to happily sharing any bathroom is remembering the golden rule – share with others as you would have them share with you.

Whether you’re navigating the space with roommates, siblings or a life partner, practicing a little (or a lot) of consideration is key. In most instances, these simple guidelines provide the kind of considerate foundation that will make for a happy and healthy shared bathroom experience. 


Clean the Drain

While you shower, your hair naturally falls out. No biggie, right? But consider how you feel when you climb into a shower covered in someone else’s hair. While it’s more than normal for some shedding to take place, make sure you clean the drain when you’re finished. (The same principle holds true for men who trim their beard over the sink!)


Create and Post a Cleaning Schedule

If you’re the only one cleaning the bathroom, chances are you’re going to quickly resent everyone else. Instead, create a cleaning schedule to which everyone agrees to abide. Then post that bad boy in plain sight. This way everyone knows their responsibilities. (If your bathroom co-habitants aren’t willing to participate in cleaning, consider splitting the cost of a cleaning service.)


Toss Your Empties

We’re not just talking about tossing old shower beers. (Though if you’re not doing so – start immediately.) We’re talking about throwing out empty toiletry bottles. When you’re sharing a bathroom, there’s only so much space. Typically, this means there’s not room for shampoo bottle you finished last year or the shaving cream can you haven’t touched since 1995.


Replace the Roll

Enough said.


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