Tub-to-shower conversions offer the ultimate in spacious bathing.

It is not uncommon for your home to have a traditional tub and shower combo. When there were babies to wash and rubber duckies with which to play, the tub made perfect sense. However, once the kids are no longer small, the tub can be boxy and cumbersome.

Tub and shower combos are rarely large enough to for a normal size adult to take a leisurely soak. They can be more difficult to clean and get into. Luckily, converting them into a standalone shower comes with all kinds of perks. These include: 

  • Create More Floor Space – Getting rid of the tub’s sloped walls opens up a massive amount of floor space. This creates a larger and more luxurious bathing area.
  • Present an Obstacle Free Entry – Whether you are sore from a hard workout or from a life well-lived, hiking your way into the bath can feel like a chore. With a tub-to-shower conversion, you remove this obstacle.
  • Provide a Place to Sit – In your traditional tub and shower combo, there is not enough room for much, especially a place to sit. Converting that same space into a standalone shower allows you to add a small bench.
  • Add Sliding Doors – While shower curtains are nice in their own right, they can look a bit messy. With a standalone shower, you can add a sliding shower door. This delivers a clean and polished look to your space. Additionally, if you add a clear door, you can visually open up the space, making your bathroom appear larger.


How a Tub-to-Shower Conversion Works

We’ll take precise measurements of your existing space. In our state of the art manufacturing facility, we’ll create your made-to-measure shower insert. After your old tub-shower is removed, we’ll thoroughly clean the surface and make any repairs necessary. Then, your shower will be professionally installed to ensure a watertight fit.


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