Bathrooms have a tendency to be on the feminine side. From the soft colors to the gentleness of water, the ‘masculine’ bathroom isn’t one that’s often showcased. Talk about a missed opportunity for the bachelors out there!

Because it’s not just ladies who love the relax. While we dig a girly spa bath as much as the next bathroom remodeling company, we also find a room with some more manly touches can be equally as pleasing.

Use the following tips to create the ultimate bachelor pad bathroom.

Get Your Palette on Lock

Your color palette sets the stage. It’s often the defining difference between feminine and masculine themes. Yes, pink can definitely be used in a masculine bathroom and earth tones can be highlighted in a feminine space.

But generally speaking, natural materials and earthy tones lend themselves to a masculine vibe. This could include browns, fern green and earthy reds.

Stick to Geometrics

Soft floral patterns and wavy designs are another feminine cue. If you’re looking to add a pattern to a bachelor pad bathroom, you’ll want to stick to geometrics. The harder lines tend to be more masculine. Another good option is a tribal pattern, as this can bring some variety to the space, while still maintaining that tough look.

Don’t Overlook the Power of Plants

Even bachelors need their greens. While we often think of plants as being feminine – hello flowers – there are a variety of hearty, masculine plants that thrive in the bathroom. Aloe Vera, for example, is a plant that loves humidity. It has the added bonus of being functional. The sav inside the leaves can be used to treat a variety of skin related issues, including burns and bug bites.

Plus, having a plant is a great way to learn to take care of something other than yourself.

Keep it Low Maintenance

Let’s be real, whether your bathroom is feminine or masculine, no one wants to spend endless hours cleaning. As you design your bathroom, consider how much maintenance each element will require. A seamless shower, for example, gives mold and mildew fewer opportunities to take hold. This means less cleaning!

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