Does it seem like your toddler can’t stand taking a bath? You are not alone. It can be incredibly difficult to convince your little one to get in the bath – no matter how much they clearly need it.

Luckily, with a few tricks, you can take the hassle out of bath time by making sure your kid looks forward to taking a dip. Because wouldn’t it be nice if bath time felt less like a chore and more like a break from the regular routine?

Water and bubbles allow so many opportunities. Check out the following nine bath time games perfect for helping your toddler look forward to washing off the playground muck.

9 Bathtub Games Perfect for Toddlers

Pool Party

Make use of those pool tools you squirrel away for sunny days. Toss the floaties and pool noodles in the tub and you instantly have an indoor pool party for one.

Alphabet Soup

Help your toddler learn their ABCs by making it fun to get familiar with them. Take your average dish sponge and cut them into letters. Then, toss them into the bath.


Do your child love dinosaurs? Who doesn’t? Now you can make them even more fun by making bath bombs with small plastic dinosaurs inside. As your child bathes, the bath bombs dissolve, revealing the hidden treasure.

Shaving Cream Paint Party

Does your kid love to color? Now they can in the bath with shaving cream. Spray small amounts of shaving cream on a plastic tray or in a muffin tin. Add a small amount of food coloring to each of the shaving cream piles and mix it in. Give your kid their ‘shaving cream palette’ and a paintbrush. Then, encourage them to let loose with their creative side — as long as they stay within the confines of the tub. Afterwards, you can wash it all clean.

Leg Extravaganza

Who says Legos are only for table tops and floors? The plastic pieces are fabulous additions to any bath — especially because the brightly colored Legos are easy to see and they float! So go ahead and let your little one build away.

Race Car Track

“Go fast.” “Truck.” “Car.” For many moms and dads, theses are some of the first words their kids say — right after mom and dad of course. Embracing your kid’s love of vehicles is a great way to encourage them to also love bath time. Create a few road signs and cut out streets on construction paper. Get them laminated. Before you run the bath, tape the signs to the bathtub wall. When your toddler gets in the bath, they will be treated to their own personal race track!

Glow-in-the-Dark Tub Time

Pick up some glow sticks at the dollar store or on Amazon. (The more the better! You can also freeze the glowsticks after you’ve used them. When you crack them again, you can get a few more bath time uses.) Run a bath. Break the glow sticks and then turn off the lights. (If your kid’s afraid of the dark, consider having a night light or a lamp turned on in the bathroom. Then, let the glowstick fun begin!

Ocean Fun

Is your child getting interested in the sea and sea creatures? Embrace that love of nature by turning the bathtub into their own mini ocean. Pick up some fun ocean-themed floaties. You could also hang some ocean themed pictures.


I-spy is a great game for kids no matter where you are — driving on a long road trip, exploring a new town, hanging out at the park and definitely in the bath. Teach them how the game works, by first selecting something easy for them to guess. Then, invite them to take their turn. Go back and forth and watch as your kid discovers and becomes more aware of their surroundings. This is also a great way to encourage conversation as your kid becomes curious about things and asks questions.

Remember, not every bath has to include games. Nor does every game have to be elaborate. Often times all it takes is your own excitement about the game to get your kid on board.


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