Everyone goes. There’s no denying that fact. And while a trip to the loo can offer a much-needed sense of relief, what if it could do more? What if a trip to the loo offered some joy? A chuckle. A momentary break from the ho-hum business of living?

Because let’s be honest — in today’s age, when so many of us are staying home and physically distancing, any opportunity to add a little extra joy to our lives is a good thing.

The following ideas take your simple toilet paper dispenser to the next level.

Savvy Toilet Paper Tree

Hate constantly searching for another roll of toilet paper? This toilet paper holder can hold up to 14 rolls, requires no under-counter storage and consumes a negligible about of floor space. Plus — it just looks darn cool! 

A Toilet Seat and Toilet Paper Dispenser in One

Tired of household members forgetting where the toilet paper is? With this all-in-one seat and toilet paper dispenser, there’s no way they’ll miss it!

Dinosaur Toilet Paper Dispenser

Is someone in your house passionate about all things prehistoric? A dinosaur toilet paper dispenser is a witty way to put their plastic toys to further use. Simply take one of the long-neck toy dinosaurs from their collection, clean it thoroughly and slip a roll of toilet paper on top. 

Bear Butt

What’s a bear do in the woods? We’re pretty sure you know. This hilarious toilet paper dispenser shows it off in a cute way, giving you some much needed TP. 

BONUS: Pull a Fast One

If you have some time on your hands (and have washed your hands thoroughly), this practical joke might just be the way to make your housemates chuckle. Gently unroll a roll of toilet paper leaving the toilet paper still attached. Write ‘Don’t Panic’ on the cardboard roll. Re-roll the toilet paper. Re-store excess toilet paper in a different (still easily accessible) location. Then, wait until your housemate discovers the note. 

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