How to Treat Her to a Spa Day

Young woman taking bath full of foam.

With Valentine’s Day just two days away, are you realizing you forgot about a gift? Grabbing a card is a no-brainer. Roses and chocolates are always a good standby. But what if you could pull off something a little bit extra without breaking the bank?

The good news is, you can! You can treat your other half to an at-home spa day for next to nothing. Just use these tips: 


Nothing ruins a relaxing moment more quickly than a pile of junk in the corner. Take a moment to declutter the bathroom. This will instantly perk up the space.

Turn on the Tunes

Music has a way of completely changing the vibe of the space. Turn on a gentle, relaxing playlist that will help block out any distracting sounds from around the house.

Set the Mood

You could certainly run out and buy essential oils or an infuser to give your bathroom a delightful smell. But chances are you have a scented candle floating around your home that never gets used. Put that baby to work! Not only will it add a lovely smell to your bathroom, the glow will give the space another layer of light.

Make Some ‘Spa’ Water

One of the treats of going to a spa is often infused water. The silly thing is, infused water is so easy to make. Toss some berries and mint in a jar of purified water. Let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Then serve with ice!

Run a Hot Bubble Bath

Fill the tub with warm water and her favorite bubble bath. Then tell her she’s off duty from anything house-work, kid-work or work-work related. Let her know this is her time to relax.

Looking for a few extra ways to make her at-home spa day special? We have you covered.

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