While it’s most likely a taboo subject at your dinner table, everybody goes. And, some trips to the loo are simply longer than others. A substantially large percentage of Americans take their phones to the bathrooms to text, shop, and scroll social media.

But what if that ‘down time’ was actually up time for your brain? What if going to the bathroom meant taking a mental break from social media and digging into the written word? The following books and articles range from insightful to hilarious to a little unnerving. You might even find that you end up lingering longer and longer during your moments alone.

Centuries of Italian History Are Unveiled in Quest to Fix ToiletThe New York Times

You’ll never guess what was lurking below Luciano Faggiano’s loo.

The Great American Trivia Quiz Book, Bill O’Neill

Brush up on your knowledge of the USA. Some of these facts might just surprise you.

Don’t Just Sit There! How Bathroom Posture Affects Your Health, Slate

Are you slouching? Chances are, yes. And, chances are you slouch on the toilet. But, what’s that doing to your body?

A Brief History of Toilet-Based Animal Attacks, Slate

Fan of scary movies? Just want to convince your body to hurry up this leisurely repass? This history book outlines some of the most intense bathroom intrusions ever.

The Greatest Stories Never Told, Rick Beyer

History isn’t always conquering armies and daring feets. In fact, it’s sometimes a chauffer taking a wrong turn. Discover how 100 uncommonly heard tales helped shape our history.

Are You Flossing or Just Lying About Flossing? The Dentist Knows, NPR

The dentist knows. The dentist always knows.

The Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, Joshua Piven

Things go wrong. Things always go wrong. But what should you do in the absolute WORST case? This book is for you.

Discover more of our favorite bathroom reads.