There’s no technical definition for what a kid-friendly bathroom is. But if we had to give it one, it’d be this:

A kid-friendly bathroom is a bathroom that your kids can easily use.

That’s it. It’s not superhero wallpaper or small child-sized toilets. Sure, those adjustments can be nice — depending on your situation. But they aren’t the secret sauce to creating a kid-friendly bathroom.

In fact, we caution you against making such updates. Big fixtures, like toilets and sinks, make for pricey updates. And in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t take long for you little to outgrow a child-sized toilet. Which suddenly turns the kid-friendly bathroom becomes a teenager’s nightmare.

The last thing you want to do is keep living through bathroom remodel after bathroom remodel just to meet your children’s sprouting pants size.

Instead, we recommend making strategic, temporary updates that make it easier for your kids to use the bathroom while not require a costly and invasive remodel. These changes include:

  • Adding a small step stool to help them reach the sink. You’ll want it to be stable, so that little legs with minimal balance don’t topple over. It’s also nice if it folds, so it can be stored when not in use.
  • Giving each kind his or her own storage space. This should include a hook for their towel and a drawer or basket for their toiletries. Giving them clearly defined space of their own not only helps them establish independence, it can help cut down on clutter as there’s no dispute over where their towel should be.
  • Letting your kid have a choice over simple things, like the bathmat, shower curtain or towels. Letting them voice their opinion is a great way to help your child feel invested in the space. Plus, these items are relatively inexpensive to replace as times change.

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