Take a moment and think about your bathroom. Consider all the items you have. From linens and makeup to skincare and cleaning supplies, chances are you have quite the collection of grooming tools.

In fact, if you’re like most of us, you’ve outfitted your bathroom with a backup supply of most items. The question then becomes, how long should you hold onto all those items? Because while you probably don’t want to shell out the money for new towels and hairbrushes every day, nothing lasts forever.

Organization expert Shifrah Combiths, shared her guide to Bathroom Expiration Dates for key items on Apartment Therapy. It goes as follows:

  • Washcloths & Bath Towels: When they develop a lingering musty odor. In order to extend the life your bath towels and washcloths, be sure to wash them on the sanitize setting.
  • Bath Mats: Every two years.
  • Shower Curtain: When it wears out.
  • Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blenders: Every three months.
  • Liquid Face Makeup: Every six months.
  • Powder Makeup: Every two years.
  • Lip Color: Every two years.
  • Nail Polish: When it begins to thicken and/or separates.
  • Sunscreen: Every two years (or when it’s past the expiration date).
  • Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers & Serums: Every year.
  • Razors: After every five to seven uses
  • Hairbrushes: Every 6-12 months.
  • Shower Loofahs: Every month.
  • Hair Style Tools (like curling irons & straighteners): When they become damaged.
  • Cleaning Spongers: Every month.
  • Toilet Brushes: After someone is sick in your house.

Why is this important? Because expiration dates aren’t required by law. And, using expired or worn out products can be detrimental to your health. The bathroom is supposed to be a clear space where you can rest and renew your body. You want to avoid exposing yourself to any harmful germs or chemicals.

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