You are updating your bathroom. You’ve selected a new shower. You have selected a new toilet. And you’ve selected a new sink. But what about the faucet?

The range of choices for something as simple as a faucet can feel overwhelming. Yet, the right faucet can be a statement piece, adding to your bathroom’s personality and functionality. Use the following tips to make the best selection for your bathroom remodel.

Types of Faucet Mounts

Single-hole Faucets

Single-hole faucets are the best space-saving option. These are ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms. Both the spout and handle are combined into one unit. This setup is not only smaller in design, but it is less visually intrusive.

Center-set Faucets

Center-set faucets combine the unit and handle. Both are mounted on the sink deck, which makes them work well for most sinks.

Wall-mounted Faucets

As the name suggests, wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the wall. This is not a very common type of bathroom faucet, as additional plumbing work is needed to run the pipes correctly behind the wall.

Widespread-mount Faucet

The widespread mount places the handles, one on either side of the faucet. It takes up additional space, but also adds a sense of symmetry to the counter.

Unique Faucet Technology to Consider


Touch faucets are activated on touch. This can be particularly helpful if you are often washing after a messy job. It allows you to simply nudge the faucet with a clean body part to turn it on and then off.

Motion Activated

Motion activated faucets are typically reserved for public bathrooms. However, they can be extremely helpful if you have a faucet in a high-traffic area where family members and visitors frequently forget to turn the water off.

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