For many of us, stepping on a scale is either exciting or daunting. It’s made even more so when our scale is inaccurate. This can lead to numbers fluctuating from weigh-in to weigh-in. Or, it can cause readings to be irregularly high or low. But, which scale is right for you? With so many options, it can be hard to choose.

5 Things to Consider When Picking a Bathroom Scale 

  1. Your Weight – Scales are labeled with a maximum weight capacity. The maximum weight on most scales is 300 pounds. However, some older models tend to be inaccurate for individuals who are 250 pounds or more. There are some scales made of larger individuals, that offer readings for those up to 650 pounds.
  2. How It’s Calibrated – Most modern scales will automatically recalibrate each time you step off. Older, analog scales need to be manually calibrated.
  3. Precision — With an analog scale, how precise your measurement is depends on your eyesight. While you’ll be able to see that you lost a few pounds easily, tracking your weight loss or weight gain a fraction at a time can be difficult.
  4. Body Fat — Some modern digital scales are equipped with a body fat measurement feature. This feature can be a good way to track your weight loss goals, especially if you are exercising and gaining muscle mass.
  5. Bluetooth Enables — Do you love using your smartphone to track your health? A Bluetooth enabled scale will allow you to quickly and easily record your weight. This can be a fun way to visually see your progress.

3 Bathroom Scales We Love

  1. The Greater Goods WiFi Smart Body Composition Scale – Reasonably priced with a reliable app.
  2. Eufy Smart Scale P1 – Incredibly user-friendly.
  3. Fitbit Aria – Ideal for FitBit users.

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