With the pumpkin spice lattes back on the menu and the leaves beginning to turn, many a home décor enthusiast is thinking about their seasonal updates.

Wreaths and tablescapes are a standard affair. Front porch updates are always a delight. But have you noticed that our bathrooms often go woefully overlooked? It’s as though the space where we spend a significant amount of time daily is just an afterthought.

Talk about craziness! We spend some of our most important minutes of the day in the bathroom — getting ready and winding down. It should be a space that inspires us and brings us joy.

Which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to seasonal décor. The good news is, it can be incredibly easy to decorate your bathroom.

How so? Because all it takes is swapping out your shower curtain! A shower curtain is one of the biggest swatches of color. Unlike painting a wall, you can change up the pattern and tone in just moments. Which makes this simple update EASY!

Stores like Target carry a plethora of seasonal ones, so keep an eye out and snag a good Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas one. This will let you quickly dress up your bathroom on a moment’s notice.

Want to take it one step further? Consider adding a few seasonal pieces to your countertop. You might have a small arrangement of pumpkins during the fall. As you move into Christmas, you can swap these for small Santas or a small bowl of candy canes.

Seasonally scented candles are another good addition, as they can help you freshen up stale air with seasonal scents that invoke peace and calm.

The idea is to keep it simple. You want whatever you’re using to be easy to put up and take down. It’s all about minimum work and maximum enjoyment.