The elixir of life, water has long been associated with relaxation and revitalization. Few things are more enjoyable that swimming on a hot day or bathing after a hard workout. But, could bathing offer more benefits than simply making you happy? Could it in fact be beneficial to your health?

Science says yes, bathing can be good for your health. The following are proven benefits of getting clean:

8 Ways Bathing Can Support Your Overall Well-Being

Bathing Can Help Your Nervous System

Taking a bath can reduce pain and inflammation. Individuals have also reported that baths help reduce their stress and anxiety — which can improve mood. Furthermore, research studies have shown that water-based therapy can help patients with conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, as the water reduces the stress placed on joints and muscles, making it easier to move.

Bathing Can Improve Your Gastrointestinal Health

Hemorrhoids affect roughly 1 in 20 Americans, causing a range of symptoms from general discomfort to debilitating pain and even cancer. Taking a bath has been shown to help the sphincter to relax and promote healing, helping to ease this suffering. Furthermore, research has shown that bathing can reduce sugar levels, helping people who suffer from diabetes better manage their weight.  

Bathing Can Improve Heart Health

Bathing in extreme temperatures can put excess strain on your heart. But, bathing in a gentle warmth can help your heart beat faster, offering a healthy, low-key form of a workout. It has also been shown that warm water can improve blood circulation and improve cardiac function.

Bathing May Help Balance Your Hormones

Health issues, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, can be improved by bathing in colder temperatures. Research has shown that colder temperatures help balance the release of hormones. Similarly, bathing in warm water can help the brain produce serotonin, a chemical that promotes happiness.

Bathing May Help Make It Easier to Breath

Research shows that submerging your body up to your head can offer improved lung capacity and oxygen intake — ultimately making it easier to breathe.

Bathing Can Help Cleanse and Moisturize Skin, Hair and Eyes

Exposing your body to warm water and steam is a simple and natural way to promote hydration. The warmth helps open your pores, making it easier to absorb H2O and to shed harmful chemicals your body has absorbed. This is why the best time to apply lotion is immediately after taking a shower or a bath.

Bathing Can Relieve Sore Muscles and Joints

Warm water can help sore muscles and joints relax, providing relief and speeding recovery. There have also been studies which show that being submerged in water can promote healing and improve mobility.

Bathing Can Promote a Strong Immune System

Because bathing can help promote blood flow and make it easier to breathe, it can improve the oxygen dispersal throughout your body — a key element in a strong immune system. It can also relieve the symptoms of cold and flu, by helping reduce nasal congestion. Furthermore, research has shown that baths can help improve cell damage and reduce the risk of necrosis — effectively increasing the survival rate of cancer survivors. 

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